About the author

Notes about Michał Zaborowski aka TeXXaS

General information

Michał Zaborowski, graduated Warsaw Technical University at 2001.

Developer, since 1998. Engineer by graduate, and vocation.

Main areas of interest: Linux, Python, Java. Since 2016 AWS, and other clouds as well.

You can find some open source work at github

Older OS work can be seen at Source Forge


Interested in Clifton Strengths, from Gallup - top5:

  1. Command. Have strong personality. He seeks for clarity, often by confronting different ideas. Team protective, concentrated on task.
  2. Learner. Passionate about learning. Open for unknown, always looking for something new to adopt, learn.
  3. Ideation. Head full of new ideas. He is able to adopt solutions from different areas, sometime quite abstract.
  4. Achiever. Great stamina to work hard, but also expects it from others. Doing good enough.
  5. Deliberative. Anticipates problems. Just be sure we are ready for them. Any taken risk is well balanced, and reasonable.

The name - Texas

Comes from bridge - card play. In short - convention of bidding after 1NT opening. Two 'x' since strict name was already taken... No big story here.


Author of all photos at this site, and "some" other.